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The Credit Card offers benefits to the consumer through the Always Present points program. There are many benefits that consumers do not know, and that can be enjoyed simply by making the payment with the credit card.


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Learn more about the Credit Card

Learn more about the Credit Card

Offers numerous services and benefits for the day to day to the holders of the credit card , through the program Siempre Presente .

It is a points program that offers unique benefits to consumers.

By joining the program, purchases made on your card are converted into points. With the accumulation you can convert these points and take advantage of several advantages like:

  • Redeem airline tickets;
  • Purchase of CDs and DVDs, electronics and home appliances;
  • Car rental;
  • Magazine subscriptions;
  • Tickets for the movies;
  • Daily in hotels;
  • Phones and Cell Phones;
  • Perfumes and Cosmetics;
  • Cameras and camcorders;
  • Toys;

Each real (R $ 1) spent on the Itaucard Nacional card is converted into 1 point. In the case of the international card, each dollar spent can be converted between 1 and 2 points. See the table below:

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The products and services vary according to the type of card the consumer has. The deadlines for using the points vary from 2 to 3 years. To know more, go to the official page of the program Siempre Presente:

How to redeem points from the Always Present Program

After joining the program, the cardholder can consult the points on the invoice or through the Always Present portal and enter the data of his agency and account.

In the RESEARCH AND REWARDS area you can enter the accumulated number of your points and perform a search for available products related to your score. If something interested you, just click and perform the rescue.


  • Access here program regulation.

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