Financial advisers and online content marketing

Now it would be very difficult not to notice the wings of the financial profession (brokers, brokers, consultants) in the world of online content marketing. Basically, they tend to move in two main strokes: they move from one direction to the “goodness”, while others believe in mediating conservative values. But as if I had seen it! I ask the theoretical question, what are the benefits of telling us the brilliance of Brokernet again?

What is content marketing for a financial advisor?

In a very simple way, content marketing is a tool in the hands of a consultant that creates value, provides information, and ultimately positions itself as an expert.

Of course, I know that there are many genres of content marketing, but the common denominator is the above list in this context. What do we get? It is a fun-filled tsunami that wants to convince us with a sense of “lifestyle” that engages in article sharing. The password is “zero work, maximum effect”.

Did I ever hear that somewhere, sometime?

Hello Roar ?! – Financial counseling is a feeling of life, and content marketing is the most funny thing?

I admit that I started writing this article as a result of the Roar “new” insurance brokerage formation, because they managed to think at this level. They need to know about insurance brokerage, financial advisory and very proud to show the world that it can be in shorts and very loosely.

And this relaxation was so shocked by all kinds of financial alliances and award-winning mergers to get the prizes for their originality. But as if I had seen it somewhere! For a decade, OVB, Brokersnet and other financial intermediaries have been campaigning for a lot of party and fun.


The same plate, the other is the garnish

After seeing other companies in the way they want to convey a sense of life to their clients and employees at all costs, this can be called a trend. The question is, how legit is this type of content marketing technique right in an era when society has just lost the material damage suffered by the wannabe advisers?

At this moment, I see nothing new about the fact that IWIW has now moved this kind of content marketing to Instagram, Facebook. For more than a decade, the basic scheme has surely existed in Hungary. Promise for a lifestyle that requires a business card…


Can you be an entrepreneur from a forced entrepreneur?

In the financial intermediary sector, the rules of the game remain. You’re going to turn your business out and you get the feeling of life. At the same time, however, I still have doubts as to whether we can really consider someone to be holding hands and telling him when to enjoy his life?

Because lifestyle-mediation team builders have a single added value in this case. It is the outcast of the staff and the self-proof of the free life they work for. However, the business is not about that.

Because an entrepreneur is just about to share his time with himself and no one needs to intervene to spend his free time. So for an entrepreneur, the business is not the party party, but the party that will end up doing what it wants.

However, this is not the case in the financial sector. This track is full of thousands of entrepreneurs who are only nominally, but unconsciously and immeasurably joyful during the 1-1 event that aims to present their freedom while demonstrating the existence of their precisely hidden employees. Because the world would collapse if it didn’t go to such an event. This is not freedom.

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